We Create Awesome Stuff

We are a full-service agency dedicated to pushing the limits of advertising and marketing. No matter the medium, the message or the placement, we’re here to make sure you are heard. And followed. And liked. And shared. Whatever your marketing needs, we know how to hit the Sweet Spot.

Sweet Clients

From automotive to pharmaceuticals, financial to retail, and packaged food to skin care, our brands are as diverse as our work. Here are just a few of our Sweet Clients.

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

One of the concrete facts in the new age of advertising is that grabbing someone’s attention in one place isn’t enough. Because your customers aren’t in one place. They’re in 2 or 3 places at once. They’re on Facebook while watching Netflix while posting to Snapchat. And that means you have to be nimble enough to be everywhere you can. At Sweet Spot, the only thing more diverse than the content we create is where it lives. From Instagram to TV and Outdoor to Pre-Roll, we make sure your message is seen, heard, clicked and liked.

“To be Sweet or not to be Sweet. That is the question.” – William Shakespeare”Be Sweet or do not. There is no try. – Yoda”That which does not kill us makes us Sweeter.” – Friedrich Nietzsche”Be the Sweetness you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi”You’re gonna need a Sweeter boat.” – Chief Martin Brody

The Secret Sauce

We Make Our Customers Happy

Like all the best recipes, our secret sauce isn’t all that secret. It starts with a heavy helping of hard work, generous amounts of creativity, a few pours of strategic thinking, and maybe a few pours of something from the bar. Mix it together and you’ve got something powerful, productive, engaging and effective. And yeah, a little Sweet.


Where it all begins. Who to reach, and what to say.


We know what to say. Let’s figure out how to say it.


The fun part. Write (then re-write), shoot, code, program and polish.


There aren’t any wrong answers, just undiscovered right ones.


Off into the world it goes. We could almost cry.


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